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How to play Fantasy sports the right way you ask:

What Are the Best DFS Research Sites? What are the DFS Tools to use? Here is the Fantasy Sports Research Tool breakdown. 

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Finding the right players for Fantasy sports

Right here is what we like to call A Hidden Gem. It is very user-friendly and has short easy to understand videos that will get you up and running before the 1st game begins from the time you start using your Draft Dashboard. 


Many Elite players are using this site, but not many are speaking of it. As for me, I am more of a Share the Wealth kind of guy because there is plenty to go around. Here are some highlights:

Top Players:

They have a unique algorithm button called DASH RANK that lets you see who the Top Players are for that day and lets you compare them all at a quick glance.


From there you will be able to determine who is most likely to have a big day. You can see who is on a hot streak or cold streak over the past week. These are only some of what the attributes the Top Player option has for you.

Find Sleepers Tool:

Have you ever wished you had more money to fit all the perfect players in your lineup? Yea, So do I. 


However the next best option I have found is right here. Let’s say you are in love with 3 or 4 TOP players who cost a lot, but you do not want to get rid of them. 


Draft Dashboard has created this algorithm to help you keep them by simply clicking on the sleeper tools option that helps you find the highest value picks with however much salary you still have left over. Great tool to get that edge.

Browse Teams:

The Browse Team option helps with giving you the top 5 players on each team for that day which can save you a ton of researching time. 


You can easily check things such as the injury report, batting order, Vegas odds, Weather Forecast, Fantasy points per game the player averages, the salary of each player that corresponds with whatever playing platform you’re on like FanDuel or Draftkings and of course the innovative Stat called DASHRANK. 


I find it to be a great way to dive into each team if you wanted more of a breakdown.

In Conclusion:

Overall, I give this Fantasy Sports Tool Platform an A rating. It is the highest I have given any tool platform over the past four years. I base that off ease of use. It was made for the player to understand from day 1. 


The creator had the Fantasy Sports player in mind. Many times you will see that the creators of these programs are not even players themselves and that they will plugin in a program based on numbers and put it out there for a quick buck which in return deters new players from sticking with it. But no Need to worry.


Draft Dashboard has your back as they take both the Human element and all the tech specs and puts it in a nice visually wrapped gift for us all to take our Fantasy Playing to the next level.

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