wOBA: Weighted on base average.


ISO: Isolated powers and is measured by subtracting batting average from slugging percentage.


Order: A player’s spot in the batting order


Opp: Opponent


Opp Team Run Total: The gambling total for runs scored for a team, often referred to as opponent team over/under total as well.


Park Factor: Not all ballparks play the same, and park factors indicate whether one is pitcher-friendly, hitter-friendly or neutral. They are set to 100 in most cases with 100 representing a neutral park (whether that be for homers, run scoring or other things). Everything above or below 100 is a percentage point better or worse than neutral for that particular occurrence. Using an example, a park with a left-handed batter park factor of 120 for homers results in homers from left-handed batters 20% more than at a neutral ballpark.


OPS: On-base plus slugging percentage


wRC+: Weighted runs created plus


Dong: Home run.


FIP/xFIP: Fielding Independent Pitching and a variation of that which normalizes home run rate. Meant to measure a pitcher’s true skill level, and a better estimator of future performance than ERA.


BABIP: Batting average on balls in play.


K%, BB%: Strikeout percentage and walk percentage


Coors Bump: A value bump for hitters who are playing at Coors Field


LOB%: Left on-base percentage (sometimes referred to as strand rate)


GB%: Ground-ball percentage


FB%: Fly-ball percentage, the percentage of times a player hits or pitches resulting in fly-balls.


LD%: Line drive percentage, the percentage of times a player hits or pitches resulting in line drives.


Platoon Advantage: Platoon advantage refers to a left or right-handed bat, who hits the opposite handedness of a pitcher very well. IE A right-handed batter has the platoon advantage against the left-handed pitcher.


Southpaw: A left-handed pitcher.


K-Rate: A percentage showing the amount of time a hitter or pitcher strike out.


Swinging Strike %: The percentage of which a pitcher generates a swinging strike.


Reverse Split: Reverse split is when a right-handed or left-handed batter hit the same handedness of the pitcher well. IE Yasiel Puig hits right-handed pitching better, despite hitting from the right side.


Switch-Hitter: A hitter that can hit both left-handed and right-handed.


Gascan: A truly awful pitcher, and one to target heavily when building MLB lineups. A gas-can usually creates stack-worthy options.


Ace: A team’s top pitcher.


Bullpen: A group of relievers that get called in after a starting pitcher is done for the day.


Contact Pitcher: A pitcher who does not generate swinging strikes, nor strikes out a ton of batters. They often generate hits and runs for opposing batters.


DH: Designated hitter – A hitter who bats in place of the pitcher in the American League.


Quality Start: A pitching line that goes at least six innings, and allows no more than three earned runs.


RBI: Run batted in. When a hitter drives in a run, this is the stat in which it refers to.

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