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Here is my professional, unbiased review of Draft Dashboard Lineup Optimizer. Continue reading to receive 50% off the Lineup Generator.

Do Lineup Optimizers Work?

In one word Yes! They work as long as you make them work for you. What I mean by that is that if you do not at least put in a little effort, then it is more like a Quick Pick and trying to win the lottery. 


However, on a side note, your chances of just using the Draft Dashboard Lineup Optimizer and succeeding is a lot higher than a quick pick. 


It will save you hours and hours of research time I have come to find. I use it all the time to see what the daily fantasy algorithm software shows out. 


The tutorials average 2 min, and you will be an expert in using this platform before your first games start. Let me break it down even more than that.

DFS Lineup Optimizer

You can select any game time of the day as long as the game has not started. Even if there are 5 minutes until your game starts. 


One of the best original attributes to this optimizer is an algorithm button that they have named DashRank which is a Draft Dashboard exclusive button. 


With the DashRank, you will see who is projected to do the best for that day and will be able to upgrade players with a higher DashRank than the generator spun out depending on your salary availability, all with a click of a button saving you lots of time and anguish and providing you with the most optimum lineup.

Watched Players

Watched players are given priority in the lineup optimizer. You can pick your top players by simply clicking the watch player button near all the player’s information, or you can click the “Top Watched Players” button and it will give you all the top players for the day and will put them in your Lineup generator and give you the best team possible based on your salary. 


There are many great ways to use this watched players option and is one of my favorite tools to use when selecting my lineup for the day.


I have chosen to review this Lineup optimizer and all the other countless tools that Draft Dashboard has to offer because I love it. 


The support team is there with quick responses, and it has taken my skills to the next level. I also want to encourage others to use it as when others win we all win because the bigger Fantasy Sports get, the more we all benefit from it. 


Draft Dashboard is a Fantasy Sports tool that was created from a DFS Player for the Player.

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