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Best Daily Fantasy Sports Research Sites

Are you looking for a daily fantasy sports statistical analysis platform without ever needing to know the “Statistical” part of it? 

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Is Draft DashBoard Worth it?

I have been asked many times what am I using to compete with the elite players in Daily Fantasy Sports. 


So I decided to write my completely honest review of what works and will not drain your bank account leaving you more money to play in your tournaments. 

Let me elaborate more on what Draft Dashboard is and is not.


Quick Breakdown of Daily Fantasy Research Sites

I have used many many Fantasy sports tools in my time and have personally sought out to try all that I can across the board. 


I am here not to bash any other company but to give my experience to others so they may not go and waste there time and hard-earned money. 


It irks me a bit to know that there are many research sites out there without the interest of the player at heart.


I did not know this when I first started that many of these companies do not even have experienced DFS players creating them as more of them are “statistical gurus” that know how to spin words making you think they know how it is in the trenches. 


Then adding to that charging a huge premium, making you feel you are getting a well made DFS product.


When in reality what ends up happening is the customer goes out and loses and gets frustrated and quitting making them feel as if it is there fault.


In return hurting the DFS community because we thrive on how many players stick around in this industry keeping it alive for the next generation!

Why Draft Dashboard?

I can honestly say that the creator of Draft Dashboard is one that takes pride in taking fantasy sports to the next level. 


I know this because I have personally spoken with him and got to see what was behind the curtain. He is transparent as they come. He built this program for Players like you and me as he started as one too. 


So he knows what our mindset is on the daily. You can see it in the easy to use and understand platform that Draft Dashboard has made.

Here Are Some Other DFS Tools You Will See…

Player Line: This option allows you to find all the information on any player that you will need like projected points, past performance, etc.


Watched Players: You either choose the players you want to build around or can plug them into your Lineup Optimizer and have the Draft dashboard give you the best lineups possible using your watched players list.


Find sleepers: This where you will find the best bang for your buck. These are players that not many DFS players are looking at but projected for some breakout games. In other words where you will find your High-Value Players.


This and many many more DFS Tools to choose from. There are so many tools to choose from you will wonder why is this information being given out for practically free.

In Conclusion:

I know there are many sites out there and I know this because I have used almost if not all of them. 


Some out there are great research sites as well, but many are just a waste. So please beware of what you are getting rather you try Draft Dashboard or not. 


With that said my favorite Research site is Draft Dashboard and I know many Top Leaderboard players are using it too but rather not talk about it. 


However, I feel even though I have written this article that many will not try but the serious ones will, and the serious players are who I want to see at the top of the leaderboards, and my fellow Top DFS colleagues do not have to worry about “letting everybody know.”


Well, I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I hoped it helped. I wish you the best of luck on winning all your future games. Thanks

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