Bogie: One Stroke Over Par


Hole in One: Your tee shot goes into the hole on a par 3 or 4


Par: the total number of strokes on a hole is the expected amount i.e. 3 strokes on a par 3


Eagle: Two Strokes Under Par


Making the Cut: Usually means you are in the top 70 after two rounds, thus qualifying to play the final two rounds


Greens in Regulation (GIR): Your ball ha reached the green in the expected number of strokes in relation to par. Par always includes two putts per hole


Ball-Striking: Total Driving (+) GIR


Birdie or Better Percentage (BOB %): The % of times a player scores at least one under par on a hole


Stroke Differential: How players fare compared to the rest of the field


Bounce Back Percentage: The percentage of times a player is over par on one hole, and then under par on the next


Total Driving: Driving Distance (+) Driving Accuracy


Strokes Gained: the number of strokes a player takes relative to the average it takes other players from the same distance


Scrambling Percentage: The % of times a player misses a green in regulation and still makes par


3 Putt Avoidance: The amount of times a player takes three or more putts while their ball rests on the surface of the green


Sand Save Percentage: The % of times a player takes two or fewer strokes after playing the ball from a bunker


Bogey Free Round (BFR,) DK: The bonus given to a player when he completes a round with no bogeys


All Rounds under 70 (ARU70): Bonus is given to players when each of four rounds is completed with a score of less than 70


Reverse Bounce Back %: The percentage of times a player is under par on one hole, and then over par on the next hole


Stroke Differential Field Average: The average strokes per round played that a player was better/worse than the per round field average


Proximity to Hole: The average distance the ball comes to rest from the hole (in feet) after the players approach shot.


Going for the Green %: The % of times a player goes for the green on the first shot of a par 4, or the second shot of a par 5.

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