Goal: when a player scores


Assist: attributed to up to two players om the scoring team


Shot on goal: when a player records a shot that hits the opposing teams net


Blocked shot: when a player blocks a shot from the opposing team directed towards their own net


Goalie shutout: when a goalie starts and finishes the game without allowing a goal against (excludes the shootout)


Save: when a goalie stops a shot directed at the net, preventing it from going in


Power play goal: when a team scores a goal with a player(s) from the opposing team in the penalty box


Shorthanded goal: when a team scores a goal with one of their own player(s) in the penalty box, with fewer players on the ice


Empty net goal: a goal scored when the opposing goalie is not on the ice


Plus/minus: A measurement that counts how many times a player was on the ice for a goal for, or against. Doesn’t apply to powerplay situations


Game Misconduct: when a player receives a penalty and is ejected from the game – usually carries 10-20 minutes in penalties


Hat Trick: when one player scores three goals in a single game


Goalie win: For fantasy purposes, the goalie of record on the team that wins the game ( is on the ice when winning goal is scored)


Major penalty: a 5-minute penalty – could possibly carry an ejection as well

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